Glenn Gould Gathering at Sogetsu Kaikan

– Dec 17 2017
Sogetsu Kaikan, Tokyo

visual programming for installation + concert

2017 marks the 85th anniversary of the birth of Glenn Gould, the solitary Canadian-born musician, and the date coincides with the 150th anniversary of Canada ’s Confederation. To commemorate these milestones, throughout 2017 the Glenn Gould Foundation launched several projects and concerts in collaboration with curators and producers around the world. The Glenn Gould Gathering is the final event, to be held at Sogetsu Hall in Aoyama, Tokyo, considered the center for the contemporary art scene of Japan. The event will be curated by Ryuichi Sakamoto, who has admired Gould’s artistry and his unique live performances since his early childhood. Sakamoto has also declared his respect and admiration of Gould consistently over the years. The Glenn Gould Gathering will present Gould, the most distinctive pianist of the 20th century, through various forms of art.